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IAS 2019 Einstein Gala

IAS Einstein Gala / Institute for Advanced Study Inaugural Gala

We’d like to work with you. Our designs are focused on your vision and goals. No preconceived ideas here. We ask a lot of questions and do our best to listen. It’s a simple process, and we’ll show you options, enabling you to choose the approach that brings your vision to life.

Crossing Rain / Album photo book for a new boy band from Hawai'i

XCEL Training Academy

XCL Training Academy / Sports and fitness instruction

Friens of Honolulu Botanbical Gardens

Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens / Website for a support organization serving botanical gardens


AMIAS / Logo for Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study

The world is changing so quickly. As a small design firm, we can focus on what’s important in each moment. Our clients work directly with us, and we are always ready to respond to your questions and concerns.  

Kapa Nui Nails

Kapa Nui Nails / Visual identity for a new water based, non-toxic nail polish

Princeton Public Lectures

Princeton Talks / Identity for a new program at Princeton University

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